Virginia is for Givers! #VAGives

We now have this wonderful opportunity to give back to the people of Virginia by supporting our local charities. Your donation can feed a starving mother, send a poor child to school, save an endangered animal, support cancer research, or show compassion to the elderly – your love can be felt by people who have less in life. 

May you join this movement by donating and sharing this page with your family, friends, and coworkers.  Your donation is 100% tax deductible. 

Use the "Select a Charity" option to choose a charity of your choice. Not sure which charity to choose? Go to to search our online charity database or select "Support Local Charities" to have your donation distributed among growing local charities. Thank you for your support!

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$100.00 ? Anonymous
$900.00 NW Nancy Welch
$180.00 NH Nathan Hamm
Arlington Adult Probation and Probation and Parole Office would like to donate to the local charity during COVID-19. Thank you for serving the community.
$900.00 ? Anonymous
$50.00 ? Anonymous
$50.00 CM Cathy Morrow
Isle of Wight Christian Outreach Program, Inc. providing food panty and diaper pantry.
$75.00 SC Samuel A. Clement
I'm a multi-decade supporter of Habitat nationally. It's important work now and always. Sam Clement Richmond
$200.00 ? Anonymous
$25.00 KL Kevin Lassiter
I Care!
$50.00 RL Rena Lambert