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Making A Difference

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Making A Difference

State Employees Making a Difference (Taxation)

The Department of Taxation held its annual CVC Cook Out on Tuesday Sept. 19th , 2017, proceeds benefited the American Red Cross. They hold this fun event approximately once or twice a year, everyone loves a cook out. Proceeds for this event were a slight lower than usual due to the construction at their principal building, but still $400.00 dollars is a good day!

“E-filers” the Taxation ball team has even dished out ice cream for fundraiser events, a portion of their proceeds also support CVC (CVC Code #3040).

The CVC Taxation Committee organizes and participates to make these events happen. Past Department of Taxation fundraisers have raised money for Veterans, lupus research, cancer research and food banks and have made up to $900.00 with attendance anywhere from 200-400 per event.

Charity Fair

Saturday, September 14, 2019

CVC Charity Fair Process – For CVC Charities

Charity Questions & Answers

1. Who organizes a fair?
The CVC Coordinator at a state agency. State employees contact DHRM to set up an event; it is inappropriate for charities to contact state employees to ask for a fair at that location.

2. How are charities notified about an upcoming event?
Email invitations for charity fairs go out as DHRM receives them (the request) from the Agency Rep. A notice of Upcoming Charity Fairs will come from: cvc_charities@listserv.dhrm.virginia.gov , and will look like this:
***Example Charity Fair invitation***:
***2019 CVC Charity Exposure Opportunity***October 2nd**Richmond, VA***
You are invited to participate in a CVC Charity Fair in the “Downtown Richmond area” on:
 October 2, 2019
• Number of Charity spaces available: 30-35
Select REPLY to send in your request to be in the above listed fair.
If you are confirmed, by xx/xx/xxxx you will be sent the details about the time, location, and requirements.

3. How soon do charities need to respond to a charity fair invitation?
This should be up to charity, as locations can vary. Charities that respond to the invitation quickly increase their chances of being selected. The charities should look for keywords in the Subject line of the invitation: (ex. Downtown Richmond Area, NOVA, Charlottesville area, Hampton Roads, etc.) and respond accordingly.

4. How will charities know they were selected and how long do they have to wait to find out?
Usually, it is 1st come, 1st served. However, the host agency will pick a balanced representation of charities (not all pet charities, not all medical, etc.). Charities should receive a confirmation email from the respective host Agency indicating that they have been selected to attend the event. The Agency CVC Coordinator sets a date when the accepted charities will be notified (before the invitation is sent out) and that list of charities is sent to CVC Staff for record keeping.
CVC Charity Fair Process – For CVC Charities
As soon as the Agency Coordinator gets the list of accepted charities, he/she sends out an email to the same list they originally asked saying that notifications of acceptance are being sent out and if you do not receive one by xx/xx/xxxx, then you were not selected this time.

5. When will the selected charities receive details, parking, directions, etc. for the event?
Directions, updates and other requests are sent after the inviter has responded and confirmed the charity’s attendance. Charities are sent the event’s physical address in the event confirmation email for GPS & Smart phones. The address and updates are also sent again a week prior to the event and on a case-by-case basis (those charities new to the campaign). A template/sample will be provided for the host agency to use when submitting the confirmations.

6. Is there a first string and then second string of invitee acceptance?
Because agencies can host only a limited number of charities based on space available, DHRM usually keeps a “Standby List” in case of cancellations. The charities are recommended to contact Jonathan.Singleton@dhrm.virginia.gov up to two days prior to the event, in case they need to cancel. This is so that we may fill that space with a charity at the top of the standby list. Jonathan sends regrets to those charities that replied, but didn’t get selected. Charities that respond to the invitation quickly increase their chances of being selected. We determine if they would like to be placed on a “Standby List” for the event, in case of cancellations. This assists us in keeping our number closely to whatever number was directed from the DHRM CVC Director or the host agency. Also, the list of approved may have already been balanced and was sufficient to fill the space available.

7. Should charities keep emailing the inviter/host agency to see if there are any cancellations? Will they be notified of any cancellations?
No, they should not contact the agency directly. The Agency Coordinator will contact the first charity who is on the Standby/waiting list. If the charity is not available to attend, the next charity is contacted and so on.

8. Is there a wait list?
No, it’s the same thing as a standby list.

9. If a charity attended the last charity fair, will they get invited to the next one?
Yes, all charities in the Charities List Serv will be sent the invite, but all won’t get selected, due to the location, space and how fast they respond to the invite. For example, if a charity based in Charlottesville is selected to attend a fair in Richmond, they should consider attending a fair in Harrisonburg or Staunton.
CVC Charity Fair Process – For CVC Charities

10. What is provided at the venues when a charity signs up?
At the event, you will be provided a table and a chair to showcase your charity. Restrooms and cafeteria/snack areas may be available. Depending on the size of the event, two chairs per table may or may not be available. Some locations have lots of free parking; be prepared to pay for street parking in the downtown Richmond area.

11. What is expected of us at the event?
Lots of smiles & professionalism. Please be there on time and have enough resources and promotional items to distribute to employees. Your goal is to attract potential donors to your space. Please set up at your assigned table.

12. What can we do/not do at the event?
No loitering or wandering around the facility. No direct contact with the employee unless the employee requests to be contacted directly. You may not sell items or collect money. Your table will be inspected before the event starts and the CVC host reserves the right to ask you to remove any items from your display that may be considered controversial or disturbing.
The CVC link below is for the “CVC Charity Directory & Communication Inquiry”. If you are not already on the ListServ for your charity, we encourage you to place an “evergreen” email address of an account that is regularly checked for announcements from CVC. http://survey.dhrm.virginia.gov/n/CVCCharityDirectory.aspx. Please utilize this tool to add, remove contacts for your charity.
Write us at CVCStaff@DHRM.Virginia.Gov
CVC Agency Chairs should contact us at CVCStaff@dhrm.virginia.gov if you have questions about charity fairs.