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Agency Coordinator Campaign Resources

Promote ePledge!
ePledge is an online donation option for state employees. The use of ePledge allows Agency Coordinators to further support
fundraising efforts at their agency by eliminating the required data entry process of paper pledges. Transmittal Reports are not required for ePledges.


ePledge Fundraising Tools

Pre-filled Forms: keeping track and maintaining visibility of who pledged (and who didn't) can become a bit of a task. By partnering with CVC with your email marketing efforts, CVC can send an ePledge email request to each employee at your agency and provide you with a global view of completed and uncompleted ePledge forms throughout the campaign.

Email Notifications: when a donor at your agency completes an online ePledge, you may receive an email notification confirming the employee's pledge. Interested in ePledge Fundraising Tools? Contact us! 

Paper Pledge Reporting Instructions
If you receive paper pledges, please follow these instructions.
Please do not include ePledges with Transmittal Reports.

Payment Address
Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign
PO Box 91750, Alexandria, VA 23291-1750

Include this Cover Sheet when mailing funds collected.
Please do not mail cash. Convert cash to a check or money order before mailing. 

Step 1 

Collect Paper Pledge Forms & Paper Special Event Forms

Paper pledge forms are for internal departmental use only. Please do not mail forms to CVC. Retain paper pledge forms at your agency according to the Library of Virginia retention schedule. 


Step 2 

Submit Transmittal Report 


Transmittal Reports are used to submit paper pledges to CVC. Total paper forms collected by payment method (cash/check, credit card, and payroll) and then click above to submit the report.

Thank you for your continued support!