Credit Card Donations

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Employees can give securely online using ePledge!  Select the ePledge button to begin.  After submitting your ePledge you will receive a copy of your pledge form by email for your records. 

Paper Pledge Form

The "Donate" button below is only for employees who choose to use a Paper Pledge form and would like to pay by credit card. After completing your paper pledge form, select the donate button and write the Transaction ID on your paper pledge form in the Credit Card section. You will receive an emailed receipt after your credit card is successfully processed. Submit your completed Paper Pledge form to your Agency Coordinator.


Special Events

Special Events are internal events held and attended by state employees. Click here to submit a credit card donation at a Special Event. All Special Events registered with CVC have an unique event ID.  Contact your Agency Coordinator or Fundraiser/Event Coordinator for the Event ID. Donors will receive an emailed receipt upon submission of a credit card payment. The Fundraiser of the event will also receive an email notification with your name and amount of your donation. 

Donate to a Fundraiser 

Online fundraisers created by state employees on the homepage of cvcgives.org provides giving opportunities for all! All gifts are 100% tax deductible. An acknowledgement letter will be provided to donors at the end of the campaign with their supporting charity's Tax ID.  Click here to Donate now!