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200046 - Virginia Department of Corrections Employee Assistance Fund (200046)

Jennifer Monges

FCCW Supports VADOC Employee Assistance Fund

Please help FCCW support the Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign by making a contribution to our fundraiser for the VADOC Employee Assistance Fund (EAF) and sharing this page with your family and friends. Every dollar we raise will support this CVC great cause!

A message from Warden LeFevers about VADOC EAF: "Over the years, this program has assisted multiple people I personally know in the Department through the hardest times in their lives. They received assistance for: a total loss home fire, a catastrophic illness of their child where the closest treatment facility was in New York, assistance with burial cost when the employee lost their entire family in a car accident."

We had our 2nd Annual FCCW Chili Cook-off on 12/15/20. This event was a bit different – and smaller than the first one – due to COVID-19 protocols, plus many folks out on quarantine, but we did raise $80 at the event and hope to raise more for VADOC EAF by keeping this page active until the 2021 CVC Campaign starts in October 2021. DONATE TODAY… and come back any time you have money to spare!

Employees and Contract Employees at Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women: Watch for an announcement in the fall for how you can participate in the 3rd Annual FCCW Chili Cook-off, as a CHEF or an EATER!


200046 - Virginia Department of Corrections Employee Assistance Fund (200046)


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