Ravaged by wildfires for over 6 months, 20.7 million acres have been burned across Australia's six states -- an area larger than the entire state of South Carolina, only slightly more than the recent Amazon rainforest fires, and 80 times larger than the total area burned in the 2019 California wildfires.

Strong winds and the worst drought in decades has made a traditionally dangerous fire season even more hazardous for this wonder down under.  

The decimation caused by the fires also deeply impacts the existence of Aboriginal peoples and in the most severe hit areas, threatens Aboriginal groups as distinct cultural beings attached to the land.  480 million animals have died with an estimated one billion total affected, and over  2,ooo homes nationwide have been destroyed.  

They need fire fighters, equipment, shelter, wildlife rescue, food, medical attention and more - they need you.


Take action now.


This is not where your help has to end.  This fundraiser is open to the public, so please share this page and encourage giving for maximum impact.



By making a donation today, your pledge will be divided equally among American Red Cross, Direct Relief, OxFam, Save the Children, The Salvation Army, and the World Wildlife Fund, which are all part of the CVC network and have been verified as providing direct support.  These charities know the local areas, and will make sure that aid will reach the right places.  

Thank you for your support.


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Lets keep all the firefighters, other emergency responders, citizens and wildlife in out thoughts as this is a long way from being over.
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