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200042 - Equality Virginia

A Waller

A Waller

Hey Friends, Fam, and Rad Folks!

Thanks so much for stopping by my fundraising page for an organization near and dear to my heart: Equality Virginia.

It is because of Equality Virginia and the organization sharing my heartbreaking story about a situation that occurred with my birth mother and her anti-LGBTQ actions that I met the person I know refer to simply as "Mom" as well as my "Papa" -- or what many queer folx call their chosen parents.
I wanted to take the pain from the situation with my birth mother and use it fuel something positive. What I'd started as a fundraising campaign to raise funds and awareness for marriage equality resulted into something so tremendously valuable, that my life is so much richer and brighter. I gained a new mother and (and a bonus Dad!) that not only love me for who I am -- they're some of the most fierce fighters for LGBTQ+ rights. I am forever grateful that Equality Virginia shared my story, and that my Mom & Papa saw it and were inspired to reach out to me to offer support.

In addition to this, Equality Virginia does important work throughout the state to help create a more inclusive Commonwealth for LGBTQ+ citizens -- from advocating for pro-equality legislation with elected officials to working with local schools to implement nondiscrimination policies to protect LGBTQ youth and school employees in Virginia.

Please help me support the Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign by making a contribution to my fundraiser for Equality Virginia and sharing my story and this page with your family and friends! Every single dollar I raise and that YOU help me raise will help Equality Virginia's important mission to improve the lives of LGBTQ+ Virginians!
Together, we can make a difference in the lives of folx just like me (and Jesse too!)


200042 - Equality Virginia


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